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I must apologise to all of you who have submitted a review to this website as due to someone hacking the site I have lost all the data. As I am sure you can imagine this has caused me great distress as your hardwork and great reviews have now all been lost.

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I would love to share some great news with all readers; the paperback of Cry Silent Tears is now Number 2 in the charts! Although the hardback didn’t fair so well it was still a best seller in the last Sunday Times chart back in March 2008.

Here are just a couple of snippets of reviews submitted to Amazon.


G. Haigh - Lancashire - 25th March 2008

Lost for words…..

Page after page I was expecting to hear a glimmer of hope and in the end I feel Joe has found his feet! If you’re like me and had a good up-bringing and have a settled and happy family life then this book will remind and show you that not all in our world, indeed probably your own town is as we hope and expect.

Leeds Lass - “The Banker” - 20th April 2008

Horrific and astoundingly hair raising. All social workers should be made to read this book !!

All the way through i felt i was rushing as i wanted to quickly get to the part where joe was saved, and i kept thinking please let it be in the next chapter as i can`t bear any more of this… It never happened. Things just got worse and worse and worse. We are often told that kids are more at risk of abuse at the hands of family/friends, but we don`t really believe that and are always worried about the `bad man` who will run off with our child if we`re not vigilant at all times.


Mrs S.Janny Haddad - 23rd August 2008

Cry Slient tears/a mother’s view

I couldn’t understand how anyone would or could treat their child in that way. I truely beleive that the authorities would come to his aid, that someone would listen to his pain and help him. I was more than disappointed when no adult seemed to care enought to gain his trust, understanding his pain, find away to unlock the emotional and physical abuse he was experiencing.