Hi Friends,

As some might know that myself and Michelle separated in 2009 and recently divorced on 1st March 2011, its been a while now, its very easy to blame one or the other for the marriage breakdown, I have let her go in hope she finds what she is searching for in her life, my love was not enough for her which is a great sadness and loss to me and our beautiful children, (((I would wish her all the luck and success in the world and thank her for years of marriage that meant a lot to me, she has blessed me with five wonderful children and I hope nothing but the best to her and her new partner))), however its been difficult for me to move on at times, but i guess im slowly getting there!, it has taken its toll on me severely and effected my life in a way I never thought it would, its been very hard to lose my soul mate and my rock, I am retiring from child protection after 15 years of voluntary and dedicated service and looking for something else to do in my life another avenue to explore, i like too thank all my supporters and friends for the help, loyalty and friendship shown to me when i most needed it.

I will always be here for children no matter what and support children in need whatever the circumstances, however after a long service in child protection and stresses in my personal life, I have decided to give up this side of my career and focus rebuilding my a new life & new start again.

Thanks Joe x

(I am currently writing the new book called The Afterlife of George), there will be others in the pipeline, I am currently ghost writing for other people and not doing my own work which is frustrating as readers are nagging me for my next best seller!!! itsĀ  worth the wait, take my word on it!!!!

My two worldwide best selling books “Cry Silent Tears & Cry Myself to Sleep” is also on Amazon Kindle for electronic download, all money raised will still be used for the protection for abused children and including any books I write will all be donated to helping children in the UK and Worldwide.

Take Care Michelle and thank you once again for your love and blessing me with great children x