Joe Peters Top 4 Charities, Please Feel Free to Donate too these Trusted Charities

August 29th, 2009 |

Joe Peters Supports Main Charities:-

I have so many people asked me which is the main charities that I support whole heartily and which charity that would I recommend to donate too, well there is so many that I love, The ones I have the utmost respect for are:-

Click the banners to donate; they are my first charity that is my top 3. They do not discriminate and pick the children they want or do not want to help like some well known large charities that are known to all of us. They also recently are discussing proposals to take there age limit to 21. This has won the heart of Joe Peters. Please donate on my behalf to Barnardos Please. (In my eyes they do there utmost best and I am truly have a soft place in my heart for them).

Another lovely charity that I hold in high regards, you will find this charity printed in my second book “Cry Myself to Sleep” NAPAC is the National Association for People Abused in Childhood. We are a registered charity, based in the UK, providing support and information for people abused in childhood. If you were abused as a child and are looking for support click here. Or Freephone 0800 085 3330

Counselling Services for Children in Wales  (Please Click Logo to Donate)

New Pathways was established in 1993 to provide a helpline for victims of rape. We now provide an all embracing, sympathetic, caring and worthwhile service to all victims of rape, sexual abuse and trauma. We provide bespoke and relevant counselling services, help and advice to children, young people and adults who have suffered rape, sexual abuse or trauma. Our services, which are provided free of charge, are used by clients throughout Wales

Help us be there for as long as it takes

We believe no child should be neglected; please donate today to help support our work

CPS - crock of sh*t

September 12th, 2008 |

Hi readers, Nickie again. I thought it was about time I let you know of my dealings with the CPS after suffering a form of abuse at the hands of my step-father. It’s a long and complicated story as to how I ended up with a step-father in the first place so I shall simply say that like most I had a Mum and a Dad, said Mum and Dad had a bit of a penchant for “swinging”. Mummy and Daddy eventually met with another couple and what ensued were divorces and remarriages of retrospective parents.

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Cry Silent Tears on ebay

September 9th, 2008 |

Having spoken to Joe on many occasions and learning more about the man behind the book it’s really great to see Cry Silent Tears on ebay, the biggest auction site on line today. In writing Cry Silent Tears Joe wanted to bring his story to the public and highlight just some of the issues faced by victims of child abuse. In writing the book and becoming a Times Best Seller Joe is now in a stronger position to try and move forward with his plans for the Foundation of Survivors.

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Understanding Joe

September 5th, 2008 |

Hi Readers,

You may find me posting intermittently here as a close friend of Joe and someone who likes to think they know him quite well. I chat with Joe every single day on the phone and love him to bits. Each and everyday I listen to him breaking his heart that he cannot save the world. Every ounce of Joe’s being wants to be able to help everybody but as I am sure the readers here will understand this is just impossible.

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