Joe Peters Top 4 Charities, Please Feel Free to Donate too these Trusted Charities

August 29th, 2009 |

Joe Peters Supports Main Charities:-

I have so many people asked me which is the main charities that I support whole heartily and which charity that would I recommend to donate too, well there is so many that I love, The ones I have the utmost respect for are:-

Click the banners to donate; they are my first charity that is my top 3. They do not discriminate and pick the children they want or do not want to help like some well known large charities that are known to all of us. They also recently are discussing proposals to take there age limit to 21. This has won the heart of Joe Peters. Please donate on my behalf to Barnardos Please. (In my eyes they do there utmost best and I am truly have a soft place in my heart for them).

Another lovely charity that I hold in high regards, you will find this charity printed in my second book “Cry Myself to Sleep” NAPAC is the National Association for People Abused in Childhood. We are a registered charity, based in the UK, providing support and information for people abused in childhood. If you were abused as a child and are looking for support click here. Or Freephone 0800 085 3330

Counselling Services for Children in Wales  (Please Click Logo to Donate)

New Pathways was established in 1993 to provide a helpline for victims of rape. We now provide an all embracing, sympathetic, caring and worthwhile service to all victims of rape, sexual abuse and trauma. We provide bespoke and relevant counselling services, help and advice to children, young people and adults who have suffered rape, sexual abuse or trauma. Our services, which are provided free of charge, are used by clients throughout Wales

Help us be there for as long as it takes

We believe no child should be neglected; please donate today to help support our work

NSPCC tries to justify themselves, wasting money or not?

August 27th, 2009 |

Hi Readers,

Just had an interesting email off NSPCC, It goes like this:

Thank you for your email. If you have any complaints about the NSPCC we would advise you to write to us so that we can try and address them.

It is untrue to say the NSPCC spends any money on first class travel. We have a strict policy on not doing so, unless, as sometimes occurs, first class travel actually works out cheaper. The NSPCC no longer provides company cars although there are 20 in use. It is untrue to state that millions have been spent on first class travel, executive company cars and functions. What functions we do have are often paid for by corporate sponsors and are intended to raise funds for our work preventing cruelty to children.

We hope that this assures you that our priority is and always will be preventing cruelty to children.

Duty Enquiries Officer
NSPCC Safeguarding Information & Library Service
Weston House
42 Curtain Rd
London EC2A 3NH

Can anyone here spot the holes in this email??

Do you think that public donation should have ever been spent on company cars?? Whether they are replacing them or not, they should get rid of them now and put the money back into the funds, and I am sorry to say, that no one should get paid high salaries to run a charity, its morally wrong and disgraceful, so the next time you decide to donate to charities like this one!!

Remember this!! Are you happy that they have spend money in past on company cars and still running them? Do you also agree what this duty enquiries officers email states, that first class travel works out cheaper than second class travel? Have I missed something here?

Millions or Billions of pounds ploughed into the NSPCC? Are we getting value for money, I would love to hear your views about this charity.

The Most Powerful Memoir Books Ever Written!

August 26th, 2009 |

Joe Peters, the Most Powerful Memoir Books

“Changing many thousands of peoples lives in many different ways”

By Tony Adams

(The Foundation of Survivors Administrator)

If this is any doubt why so many journalists slate people like Joe from telling his abusive childhood story, then we will show you why these memoirs are so important and why they should be told, there are some important testaments of readers that Joe has inspired to get help and even change young lives!! Here what its all about and for those stuck up journalists to take note and educate themselves on child abuse instead of slating survivors of child abuse.

Dear Joe,


Hi Just finished your book cry myself to sleep.
I also had a very abusive childhood being abused by 2 different men one a salvation army guy and the other a step father the salvation army guy is dead but my step father is still alive I’m now 48 years old and I still want answers I want to confront him and ask him why, I’m also considering involving the police.
I was also beaten as a child and forced to do things like eat my own vomit.
As a result I became a very violent person always fighting sometimes with the police.
I did actually have a very stable part in my life as an ambulance man a job that I held down for 12 years but that ended when I broke a policeman’s nose.

I’m now married for the 3rd time to a woman who was also abused by her step father.
Your books have inspired me to do something about the abuse I suffered.
Thank you Robert


Im 16 and i finished reading your book “Cry Silent Tears” about a week ago
i used to think my life was hard but after reading your book it made me realise that my life is pretty amazing compared to what you have been through. To my mum slapping me lightly and sending me to my room or taking my phone/laptop away was the end of the world, and i even considered ringing a child line after she hit me once. But i know im only 16 and it may seem pretty sad me saying this but i would have never been able to go through with what you did, I actually cried reading it, its hard to believe that things like that are actually happening behind closed doors. I sort of have a understanding as my mum works for the NSPCC and she deals with things like that, but nothing half as bad as what you went through, I’m sorry but i really can not get over that fact that its true, its hard to believe it. basically i wanted to thank you for writing the book as it has totally changed my outlook in life, i now respect my mum more and reading the book has made me understand that before i was totally oblivious to everyone else’s hurt and pain, assuming that everyone else’s life was as easy, or as i thought at the time, hard, as mine. Sorry but i thought i would write a letter to tell you how i felt about the book; although I’m not very good at writing, or spelling for that matter,
anyways sorry about the long pointless letter.

Leanne; x


I have finished reading ‘Crying Silent Tears’ and I have never cried over a book before. It is shocking that you had to be treated that way and lost so many peoples trust. I am 12 years old and when I grow up I want to help kids like you were. No one should have been treated the way you were treated. I am glad that you eventually had a happy ending and that you now have kids of your own. I also find it amazing that you now help kids today. You are my role model and I hope that you get this message. Thanks very much


Hello Dear Brave Joe. How have you been? I am reading at the moment “Cry Myself To Sleep”, How much pain, how difficult is even to read it. I am just in the beginning, but it breaks my heart, it breaks all my faith, that faith I lose like you and have been trying to build again and again and again. Thanks for being a testimony, thanks for being somebody in the middle of all still holding a light, it’s never easy, it’s something inside that always hurt. We, survivors know it so well, but we are with you in a way, in a way that can’t be described with words. . It hurts a bit more, but what else would we expect? Of course you needed to take all that anger out, and what in therapy was called “second wounding experience” for you as for the most of us, wasn’t good! And in the middle of all, I just can not stop admiring so deeply your soul, that part of you that never could be destroyed; we can see that beautiful soul of you emerging countless times. That’s the light you bring to us Joe. In the middle of all this pain that now I feel for all you went through, thanks, millions of thanks for your courage, for being a testimony of this hidden war against children. There is a long path in this society about awareness.

You just make me stronger inside, that strength that you know we many times feel like loosing!

Sending you all the survivor love possible,

Clau x


Hey there, I just read your second book, it was just as powerful and gripping as the first one you wrote, as you know from my last communication Joe, I never knew what I was going to do after my A levels, since reading your books, its given me the inspiration to study clinical psychology and help children and even adults that are suffering or suffered from child abuse, this is the career path for me and this is because of you Joe and the way your books have inspired me so much, thanks again Joe, you really have made a massive impact on my life and really opened my eyes to what goes on behind closed doors, you are my hero and thank you for telling the world your story. These two books written will be the books to educate the world about the suffering of children.

Love Joanne Baker x

More to follow ……………………………………….

Social Services Attack Joe Peters Methods of Rescue.

November 14th, 2008 |

We recently helped a child at risk that social services turned a blind eye to and failed to help this child on other occasions due to this young person coming to us for help. We are then informed that I am being personally attacked by helping this young person in need. (WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?) It isn’t my problem that your department keep letting our kids down and your department are not consistent in monitoring kids at risk. This is the same department that was sending a young lady back to abusive mother that physically abused her and was raped by a family friend.

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A voice for the children

August 31st, 2008 |

Every day I receive hundred of emails after making the decision to publish my email address in Cry Silent Tears and many of those emails are from children who have no place to turn or just need someone to listen. For this reason I have decided to post this section called A voice for the children; a place to sound off or simply feel like your story is being heard I and the readers will hear you.

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