We as a society need to save our children from this Government, what is more important to our Government? It certainly isn’t children that are being killed and abused by individuals that should be locked up. Instead the Government is more concerned about targets, it is this government and previous reckless governments that has shut down all resources or funding for these children. OFSTED are have consistently give nothing but good grades on the back of the contents of filing cabinets and graphs created from flawed, indeed, untruthful data. Corruption, deception is all these MP’s know.

Managers in Charge of Social Workers main aim is not to help our children, No it is simple to please OFSTED by meeting recommendations to decrease the numbers of children on the At Risk register, whether those children remain at risk or not, this is totally madness, its not about the protection of children any more, it boils down to funding and damn right false data which lead to deceiving statistics

Government timescales, policies, procedures and guidelines are nothing but a farce they are doctored to meet governments needs only, like I say its not about structure of preventing child abuse, I do not vote and never have, simply due to the fact that I am sick of Governments placing our children in danger.

I am asking everybody to think carefully about the issues of these children, we need a change for the better, the old system scrapped completely, a new new strong structure put in place and views of social workers and professionals on the front line to give major imput into this change, instead of the Government throwing around there weight, we need an independent body to overlook Government policies and procurdues when it comes to children at risk, preferrable a department that cannot be influncled by Government, that would POLICE both OFTED and Government policies.

Its time for Government to stop there decietful ways and knuckle down in protecting and serving our children properly what hell are we paying you for?