I have come across a┬áreport by the Children’s Society found that those children who escaped from their captors were often returned to lives of domestic imprisonment and forced to work in brothels or as slaves in British homes. The report also found that children who did leave their guardian’s home were too scared to reveal what was happening to them, or did not realise that they were being abused.

Children kidnapped

The United Kingdom Human Trafficking Centre (UKHTC) knows of 325 children from 52 countries who may have been trafficked into the UK during 2008. The Children’s Society examined 46 cases for the report and found that while more than half of the children attended school while in the UK, workers they came into contact with and asked for help did not know how to refer them. Significantly, even when children are identified as being ‘at risk’ and are taken into care, they are still at risk of kidnapping by traffickers. This year it was discovered that 77 children had gone missing from a children’s home near Heathrow since 2006.

It is estimated that 1.2million children are trafficked worldwide every year.

If your aware of such traffick of children please contact us directly via our email or telephone number.