Hi Readers,

Just had an interesting email off NSPCC, It goes like this:

Thank you for your email. If you have any complaints about the NSPCC we would advise you to write to us so that we can try and address them.

It is untrue to say the NSPCC spends any money on first class travel. We have a strict policy on not doing so, unless, as sometimes occurs, first class travel actually works out cheaper. The NSPCC no longer provides company cars although there are 20 in use. It is untrue to state that millions have been spent on first class travel, executive company cars and functions. What functions we do have are often paid for by corporate sponsors and are intended to raise funds for our work preventing cruelty to children.

We hope that this assures you that our priority is and always will be preventing cruelty to children.

Duty Enquiries Officer
NSPCC Safeguarding Information & Library Service
Weston House
42 Curtain Rd
London EC2A 3NH

Can anyone here spot the holes in this email??

Do you think that public donation should have ever been spent on company cars?? Whether they are replacing them or not, they should get rid of them now and put the money back into the funds, and I am sorry to say, that no one should get paid high salaries to run a charity, its morally wrong and disgraceful, so the next time you decide to donate to charities like this one!!

Remember this!! Are you happy that they have spend money in past on company cars and still running them? Do you also agree what this duty enquiries officers email states, that first class travel works out cheaper than second class travel? Have I missed something here?

Millions or Billions of pounds ploughed into the NSPCC? Are we getting value for money, I would love to hear your views about this charity.