The Foundation of Survivors – Plan. A (Mapping for a brighter future for children)

Hand Out

By Joe Peters

The Foundation of Survivors aims to inspire a culture in which, all children are valued, respected and loved unconditionally. We Embrace the unique differences between individuals and aim to create an environment that Value and respect the talent and contribution of people from different backgrounds and heritage.


We ensure our diversity principles are fully and equally delivering appropriate support and services that suit the needs of the individuals from minority, disaffected or excluded communities and groups.

We ensure that all of our future publications and informative resources, including our website reflect the reality of diversity so that all our work is either mainstream or targeted services within reach of every individual in the United Kingdom, regardless of age, class, gender, disability, cultural identity or location.

Our Goals:-

To educate children in schools about child abuse and its effects

To promote awareness of child abuse and be openly discussed in school education

To table new strategies to deal with victims, within the education system and the communities

To work closely with school counsellors and Parent(s) or Guardians.

Develop an intense “Child Monitoring Response Programme”

Retention of abuse cases with counsellor support (throughout both childhood, adolescent and adult stages)

To terminate child abuse from progressing into paedophiliac, criminal and other inappropriate behaviour.

To ensure safety, welfare and sheltered accommodation in extreme cases

Set-up a safe haven for vulnerable victims and runaway children with full anonymity.

Freephone number, and remote assistance, where necessary.

Re-evaluate current guidelines and practices relating to Social Services and Government Policies.

To work with Police Officers and most importantly PCSO’s in the communities, to identity problem areas etc.

Identify problems and report to the “Child Monitoring Response Programme” (C.M.P)

Police database to identity vulnerable young people abused in childhood, to identify and support victims from re-offending

Full support on child behaviour and any underlying problems within the family environment

More support and training services in Youth Areas, i.e youth centres

For the UK’s Children’s Act to be updated with the integration of C.M.P in the appropriate sectors.

To get Children’s charities to work together and share ideas and information.

NHS Trust (Medical G.P’s etc) to work and refer to CMP and have access to the database.

1) To educate children in schools about child abuse and its effects and to promote awareness of child abuse to be openly discussed in schooling education. To produce the Foundation’s own DVD-Based education material with online backup for kids that can review themselves or point to existing links to cover schools feeling constrained over time.

2 ) To bring new strategies to deal with victims of child abuse within the education sector, to identify the victims of child abuse and work closely with a school counsellor and the parent(s) or Guardian of the child.

2b ) To lobby government to force primary schools to maintain permanent records of school attendance, not just seven years.

3 ) To put in place an ongoing government “child monitoring programme” which will provide counselling & effective programme to follow up on cases of child abuse and continue the support through childhood and adulthood, with effective programme to stop child abuse from progressing into paedophilia behaviour, crime and other inappropriate behaviour.

4) To ensure the safety & welfare of the child and to give children a place of safety in case of severe child abuse. A secure and safe property for children to go too, when they are in danger of child abuse and feel they need to run away. (A safe haven for the child to have full anonymity rights too and once in this protected zone that abuser(s) have no access to the child). Law to be introduced to give legal guardianship to this protected zone team. (Please see 11).

5 ) A manageable telephone-based contact system to ring and be called back and a meeting arranged to be picked up by this charity and taken to the safe haven projects once established, which will accommodate and work with the child, making and reassuring the child is safe and working with the child protection team.

6 ) To have a shakeup of the current guidelines and practices of Social Services investigating child abuse and to allow social workers to do their job effectively without prejudices of these Guidelines or Practices, and allow social workers to give feedback to the CMP.

7 ) To work with authorities such as Police officers and PCSO’s in the communities to identify problems and give feedback to the child monitoring programme, which will follow up on the child’s behaviour and investigate underlining problems with the family household.

7b ) To work with the Association of Chief Police Officers and the ultimate overseer of the Sapphire teams as to the best way make it easier for victims to disclose and tackle abuse by official authority figures, not limited to the police.

8 ) Further aims to bring further training within other areas such as youth centres and for Youth Workers to understand Child abuse and its effects and to report anything suspicious in confidence to the dedicated “Child monitoring programme” (CMP)

9 ) For the UK’s Children’s Act to be updated with new laws and integrate the CMP within this area

10 ) To gather information regarding the effectiveness of the AMBER ALERT in America and consider its possible adoption by the United Kingdom (for missing child alert)

11) To open our first intensive care project centre, offering beds, intensive clinical psychology counselling and support for children, safe haven to be integrated with the CMP, help provide constant care and constant child monitoring throughout or as long as it takes for the child/young adult to recover from the abuse, to prevent and break the cycle of abuse of the child, so the child does not go on and commit crimes of a sexual nature.

12) To get a bill into parliament for the new laws to be passed ASAP.

13) To get this system set up in the United Kingdom and further countries to follow the same system


We would like to prevent other young people going to London when they run away, so they cannot be preyed upon and risk further dangers, it would be easier picking them up before they specifically/officially run away and go missing. (Steps to be taken)

Website Services (lack of funding, 98% loss of donations, due credit climate):-

Our website will provide a free phone helpline once funding is available, with an online forum to an “Agony Uncle” and “Agony Aunt” that will be aimed at advice for child or adult, friends and relatives that have any suspicions of child abuse and danger. Further to this will also encourage too use and support this programme. We can then provide resources of contacts and phone numbers specific to

Areas. We will give support and a compassioned service and reply to all cases reported to use via e-mail. Correspondence to support both young children and survivors of childhood abuse and allow people to register and post in the forum, for online monitoring and much more….

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